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Study after study has shown that opportunities are seen to be more valuable as they become less available, meaning that people want more of what they can’t have, according to Robert Cialdini, a leading expert on influence and the author of “Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade.” Essentially, when we think something is limited to us, we tend to want it more.

Which brings us to the next topic. When should we follow-up with a prospect?

Pinterest Manager Expert Tip:

I wait one week and then follow up. Then I follow up again the next week, and then the third week. If you’re thinking why wait a week to make your first follow-up, well, that’s because you don’t want to look desperate. You want to appear that you are busy and you’re selective with who you would prefer to work with, you’re not just willing to take on any client. Bottom line, there is an advantage to “playing hard to get”.

Be less eager

Appearing readily available can work against you, according to Jeremy Nicholson, a social psychologist who focuses on decision-making, social influence and relationship dynamics. This comes down to economics — if you’re in low supply and high demand, you’re worth more.

Think about it this way: If you’re overly excited about a work opportunity, that might signal your prospect that you are not in demand. All the more reason to play it cool. Making something harder to get, Dr. Nicholson said, “tends to increase at least the perception of the value, if not its actual value.”

I need the money…I can’t afford to play hard to get!

Playing hard to get can feel pretty scary because you may really need the money, especially when you’re just starting out. But here’s the thing. No one will value you more highly than you value yourself. Sometimes it’s a matter of giving yourself the space to calm down and evaluate.

Know your worth

As Pinterest managers we should be continually assessing our worth. It’s not always easy to decipher what we should be charging for our work but one thing I’ve noticed is that way too many Pinterest managers are charging too low. For example, I noticed on a Facebook group I manage that a Pinterest Manager was charging $150 for a Pinterest audit and I charge $1997.

That’s an example of the range of a  Pinterest service. Why such  a range though?  That’s because Pinterest managers come with different skill set, years of experience, credibility, and so forth.

Have abundance mind-set

Recognizing that there are unlimited possibilities can give you the security and confidence you need to create successful outcomes. A lot of people that make decisions based on fear are people that are playing small versus thinking big. Negative thoughts can become self-fulfilling prophecies if you say them to yourself enough.

Do you imagine losing out on future opportunities if you don’t eagerly accept the ones that are in front of you? Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts immediately.

When you worry about all the things you’re going to lose out on if you don’t take a particular opportunity, you’re using the scarcity mind-set on yourself rather than as a persuasion strategy. You’re at a real disadvantage mentally.

Pinterest manager

When to Follow-up

First, know that you’re not going to get every deal that comes your way. It’s a numbers game. It’s normal to feel deflated but don’t take it personally and definitely don’t let it ruin your day:)

If after my third phone call and email I do not hear back from the prospect I stop following up with them.

If they want our service they know where to find us.

I will follow up professionally for three weeks and then stop. I am not going to bother, stalk or pester anyone after that.

In summary avoid looking desperate and choose clients that are willing to pay your worth.

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