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New Pinterest Manager: Are you struggling getting clients? 

Maybe you lack the confidence as a new Pinterest manager or the know how to prospect correctly.

As a Pinterest manager I’ve been managing Pinterest accounts for businesses and bloggers for seven years now but I’ve been teaching other Pinterest managers how to build a successful Pinterest management business for five years. You’re thinking why would you give all your secrets away Anna? Well, read on my dear.

I decided to teach others because at the time I was looking for help myself, Pinterest was still so new and there were literally no resources or any type of free education for those who wanted to become Pinterest managers. So I thought to myself I’m going to create the best Pinterest Manager course and share my secrets with others and then maybe someday have a group of people I could use on my projects.

There are many courses on how to be a social media manager but let me tell you this… A social media manager and a Pinterest manager are NOT the same. In fact, when I purchased a course on social media management from a so called guru and expert it absolutely sucked. This motivated me even more to create a dynamic course that I know will get people results.

Pinterest Manager: What are the  Big Struggles?

The BIGGEST struggle I hear new Pinterest managers deal with is “how do I get my first client when I have zero experience”, “how to do I get my first client if I don’t have a website”, “how do I get my first client if I have no blog”, and on and on. Well I definitely have the answers to all those would be Pinterest manager questions. 

When I am coaching Pinterest managers I always make sure I get a clear picture of their background and goals so I can create a plan for them to follow.

These are the five basic questions I ask them to see if they have set themselves up for success or failure as a Pinterest manager:

1. How well do you know Pinterest marketing for business

Have you ever taken a paid course or are you just reading blogs or spending your time looking for free Pinterest training?

The sad truth is NOT all Pinterest managers are qualified to manage business accounts. They shouldn’t even be in business as far as I’m concerned. This part really bugs me to the core because those that don’t take the time to master Pinterest marketing are just winging it and ripping off their customers. (Giving Pinterest in general a bad rep) 

What most wanna be Pinterest managers tell me is that they are just reading blogs or attending webinars because they don’t have the money to take a course. First, I get it. If you don’t have the money, you don’t have the money. I myself would feel uncomfortable taking your last dollar if you have no money to invest in a course so I would say don’t give me your money. 

What You need To Understand If You Want to Make Money

Let’s say you want to be a tennis coach. What’s the first step to becoming a tennis coach? Well, you have to take tennis lessons first. Then you eventually need to master tennis and then take a course on how to actually coach or teach people. 

You know the saying…if you want to EARN more you’ve got to LEARN more. So true isn’t it?

Why You Need to Master Pinterest Marketing for Business Before You Try To Sell Yourself as a Pinterest Manager

Bottom line, if you want to be a Pinterest manager you have to take a Pinterest marketing for business course first. Then work on your own account so you have a professional, active (correctly set up) profile on Pinterest.  (Did you know over 98% of all Pinterest Managers I see have their profile set up incorrectly?)

2. Do you have a website? 

You need to invest in a beautiful website if you want to become a Pinterest manager. I mean it needs to be WOW, professional, easy to navigate, on and on. Your website is like your home. Are your guests having a wow experience?

You only have one chance to make an impression with a stranger so making your website outstanding is a must. This can be shockingly inexpensive to do if you look around, buy a template and do it all yourself.


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3. Do you have any freebies or blogs on your site?

The first year I decided to become a successful Pinterest manager I blogged for several months and barely made any money. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t make any money but the point I’m trying to make is that if you want to get your first client they have to know what you actually know. You do that by blogging.

Before people decide to business with you they actually want to know who you are and if you’re qualified to manage their Pinterest business account. Freebies and blogs allow you to build trust and give potential buyers the opportunity to get to know you, trust you.  If they like what they see and read then they won’t hesitate to reach out to you even if you have no experience.

The beautiful thing about freebies is that you can collect people’s emails in exchange for your freebies. You need to collect emails and then create campaigns so you can continually help your readers and build relationships (trust) with them. 

Don’t Make This Big Mistake

The biggest mistake new Pinterest managers make is that they comment on people’s pins or send them messages via Pinterest to promote their services. If you’re doing this yourself I don’t recommend it because Pinterest might think you might be spamming. Don’t risk getting your own account shut down because you’re taking short cuts. It’s not worth it. Do it right.

4. Have you taken a course on Pinterest management?

I remember the time when I was in retail management. I noticed that all the companies I worked for had the same mentality. When there is an opening for a store manager they typically promote sales people that were the best at selling. That tactic rarely worked. 

Think about this. Just because you can sell a lot of sneakers doesn’t mean you know how to coach other people to do the same. Store managers have to learn how to coach their employees, they need to manage their costs, create schedules, they hire and fire, there’s a lot they need to know. Selling is just selling. 

So you have to ask yourself why wouldn’t you want to take a course on how to manage and operate your Pinterest management business? There’s a lot you need to know. For example, do you know what questions to ask a prospect? Do you know how much to charge people? Do you have a system in place so that you’re not wasting time because you’re being loosey goosey? 

5. Do you have money left for marketing or training?

One of the biggest mistakes Jr. Pinterest managers make is that as soon as they build their website they don’t invest in their business. They think okay I have a website and that’s all I need to do. Everyone will see me and hire me. Not even close people. 

You need to spend money to make money. Do you have a plan on how people will find you? And once they find you how will you court them? 


Whethere you want a career as a Pinterest manager or make it a side hustle it can be a; rewarding, fulfilling, profitable career if you do it right. It’s been absolutely amazing for my business and nothing is more rewarding than helping other Pinterest managers become successful too.

Like anything in life you can’t just wing this or you’ll end up wasting time and money, get stressed, and then giving up. 

If you’re interested in taking my course on How to Become a Successful Pinterest Manager I reveal 11 clever ways to get more clients.

Bottom line work with someone who’s been where you want to be. Who’s been there and done that, and who’s qualified to teach. Why reinvent the wheel or worse why figure it out on your own and make every mistake in the book along the way?

Get the knowledge and training you need to become a successful Pinterest manager. Invest in yourself. Your journey will be much easier; you’ll make money sooner and be a lot less stressed out about it.


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