Pinterest management services

1) Shop the Look ads in a new collections format for mobile.

One of the ways to get as many products in front of shoppers as possible is to invest in SHOP THE LOOK ADS. You can tag up to 25 items in an image.

With the new format, shoppers will see a sneak peek of four items and can click through to learn more, giving people a different ways to interact with your products.

Shop the Look ads will be rolling out in the U.S. over the coming months. The Shop the Look pins feature is currently available to select partners in international markets including the UK, Brazil, Germany, France and Japan.

2) Business profiles focus on shopping with new features.

a. “Shop” tab
If you have an e-commerce business you’ll see a Shop tab (as shown below) that enables people to shop for items directly from the profile and drive traffic to retailer’s web site.
b. Profile cover 
Businesses can customize their profile cover with a video, an image, or a board. As you can see below I decided to choose video over an image. If done well I believe videos will get more eyeballs than a static image.

3. Catalogs and shopping ads available in selected European countries

Catalogs were introduced to businesses March 2019.

What are Catalogs?

Catalogs allow businesses to easily upload their product catalog, organize their products, and allow Pinners to discover and shop their content.

With Catalogs, businesses will be able to mass generate product pins and organize their product pins into product groups. They can promote those product groups as Shopping Ads through Ads Manager.

Pinterest is extending the feature to select partners starting in France, Germany, Spain and Italy so retailers can automatically create Pinterest ads from an existing product catalogue at scale. Businesses can seamlessly turn their product feed into inspiring, actionable Pinterest ads.

The power of Pinterest marketing for businesses is that it can help you drive massive new amounts of traffic to your business because 100’s of millions of shoppers are shopping on Pinterest every single month. So if a business can either figure out how to harness that power on their own or hire a qualified professional Pinterest manager to do it for them they can drive massive new levels of traffic and grow sales. If you want to learn if you should leverage Pinterest email me at for a FREE 20 minute session.

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