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Pinterest Management Services Reveals How to Use Pinterest’s Image Editing Tool

Pinterest Launches Their Own Image Editing Tool for Small Business Owners As a Pinterest Management Services expert I think it’s pretty awesome that Pinterest is helping small businesses with their free tool, after all who doesn’t like free tools right? But unfortunately as someone who offers Pinterest management services it’s definitely not good enough for […] Read more…

Pinterest Expert Explains How Visual Search Is Changing The Shopping Experience

  Updated September 17, 2019 Pinterest Expert Reveals How Visual Search Technology Is Changing The Shopping Experience As an entrepreneur, you’re often faced with a choice: adapt, keep doing what you’re doing, or cut your losses.  Unfortunately for many ecommerce and retailers they are missing out on Pinterest’s visual search tools. Many have not even […] Read more…

Pinterest marketing expert

Pinterest Marketing Expert Introduces Facebook Group for Pinterest Managers

Welcome to the How To Become A Successful Pinterest Manager Facebook group! Finally! Pinterest marketing expert introduces a Facebook group dedicated to existing Pinterest Managers who are already managing Pinterest accounts for their clients and are looking to advance their skills and grow their Pinterest business. This Facebook group is also ideal for social media managers […] Read more…

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