The 7 Deadly Mistakes The Typical Pinterest Manager Makes (and How to Fix Them) 

The How to Become a Successful Pinterest Manager Facebook Group that I created has been amazing for identifying what people are struggling with while they deliver their Pinterest management services. I discovered even more after I gave away 10 free coaching sessions in order to help them and to learn about their; pains, problems, frustrations, etc. What I learned was both exciting and disappointing. I was excited because there are some real keeners out there and they really want to do the best job possible for their clients. They just didn’t know if what they are doing is right. 

Then there were others that I was really disappointed with. Not at them as a person but the way they were treating their customers. The disappointing part was how many have never taken a course on Pinterest marketing for business.

You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have

I was shocked! I’m thinking to myself as a professional Pinterest manager, how can you offer the best service to your customers if you have not mastered Pinterest marketing for business? How can give to your clients the ROI they deserve if you can’t even learn Pinterest for your own business? You simply can’t give what you don’t have. Worse, how do you expect to survive as a business without any real knowledge or expertise about how Pinterest really works? It’s just a matter of time until they fall on your faces because they failed to educate themselves and become an expert.

If You Want to Grow You Must Be a Life Long Learner

Let’s say you wanted to be a fitness coach.  Gyms and health clubs typically require certification for fitness coaches, but actual requirements differ by facility and coach type. Personal trainers may start by taking classes, then working with an experienced instructor before they are allowed to coach classes individually. Group trainers need to audition, and if they are pass the requirements they can begin teaching immediately. Fitness coaches looking to run health departments or exercise facilities can obtain a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, physical education and kinesiology. However, years of experience as a trainer are also typically needed. Bottom line you need to study, take courses, pass tests, etc. 

If You Want to Make More, Learn More

This is common sense folks. If you want to deliver a top notch professional service as a Pinterest Manager you have to invest in your skills. How do you expect to perfectly cut a piece of steak if your blades aren’t sharp? Do you really think you’ll get the results you want if your knife is dull? How will that steak look like when you serve it to your guests at your next dinner party? If they are your closest friends they’ll most likely laugh, give you the business and ask what the heck you did what that beautiful piece of rib eye steak? That rib eye steak represents your customer. You are the knife. 

Pinterest management is a professional service. That means you need to learn how to use Pinterest correctly. You need to take a paid course. Attending free webinars, and reading blog posts, free guides and e-book are NOT the same as taking a paid course. And if you don’t have the money to take a course now then put your Pinterest career on hold until you are financially ready to make the investments necessary for you to be credible and successful. 

With that in mind here are seven deadly mistakes many Pinterest managers are making and recommendations on how to fix them. (BTW, these seven are just the tip of the mistake iceberg)

Pinterest manager mistake no. 1: You’ve never taken a Pinterest for Business marketing course

First, why would you take someone’s money if you haven’t done any professional training for Pinterest marketing? Pinning your own stuff and getting lots of impressions is NOT what I call professional training and it definitely doesn’t make you qualified to manage a business account. 

It’s very obvious to me when someone doesn’t know how to use Pinterest. First, I look at their website, blog, and their own Pinterest account. In two minutes I can tell if they know anything about Pinterest SEO, branding, if they’re adept at creating visuals, etc. 

If they tell me they’ve taken a course but I still see no evidence that they know how to create and manage a Pinterest business account that tells me the course they took probably sucks and or they are too lazy to apply.

Solution for Pinterest Managers: If you want to be a successful Pinterest manager you need to take my two courses:

  1. a) The first course you need is the Pinterest Marketing for Business Course
  2. b) The second course you need is the How to Become a Successful Pinterest Account Manager. This course is vital because it will help you run your business smoothly without stress. 

You need a system in place so that you make more money. If you’re all over the place it will take you longer to complete your work. In addition, my email and coaching support will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re doing everything correctly. Mistakes cost money. You want to avoid that because instead of you making $150/hr. you may just end up making $50/hr. because you’re spending all your time figuring things out and questioning if what you are doing is right.

Pinterest manager mistake #2: Not having an active Pinterest account

Let’s use the same fitness example above and let’s pretend you’re looking to lose a few pounds and you decided to work with a fitness coach. You meet him/or her for the first time and you couldn’t help but notice that they were overweight. Honestly, tell me what you’re thinking:) Most people would probably be shocked and surprised, and some maybe get turned off. This would be a red flag for many of you.

Do you really think you’re going to take a chance on someone who actually doesn’t look fit but says they can teach you how to have a healthy lifestyle and still lose the weight? Do you really want to gamble with that person? Do you really want to risk wasting your money on someone who doesn’t walk the talk?

It’s even more vital that you have a great Pinterest account that represents who you serve especially if you don’t have a website. And many Pinterest managers don’t have a website. 

Solution for Pinterest Managers: Work on your own Pinterest business account. First impressions are everything. What impression are you making? Are you proud to show it off? 

Pinterest manager mistake #3: You’re in it for the money first

One of the top questions I get from many Pinterest managers is “How can I make more money?” When I ask them what’s their niche, they either don’t understand what a niche is or ask me “Anna, who should I go after so I can make a lot of money?” 

You’ve heard of the saying “do what you love and the money will follow?”

Well some of that is very true. Not all of it but some of it. 

If making money is more important to you than offering value to your customers, you’re not going to make it in this business. Your prospects will be able to tell if you know your shit and can deliver results or if you just flying by the seat of your pants trying to make a quick buck. 

Solution for Pinterest Managers: Choose a niche

You must offer something of value to your customers. If you are going to compete with price you’re putting your business at risk and you will get burnt out because there’s always somebody out there who will do it cheaper. 

When I mean value, think of what you’ve had a lot of experience and training with. What are you really passionate about that you actually know about? When you understand and have first- hand experience with something then target the same industry for your Pinterest clients. Pick that as a niche because you’ll be able to relate to them and offer them more value. For example, I have an extensive background in the fashion and the beauty industries. It’s my wheelhouse. 

Pinterest manager mistake #4. You don’t have a blog or freebies

One of the biggest struggles Pinterest Managers face is finding and attracting the right clients. They put up a website and think yay I’m done! Everyone will find me and hire me. Ahhhh not quite.

For starters, what’s your plan for building trust? 

This is where blogging and creating freebies come in. 

You need to give something of value to people before they will think of working with you. 

Sure you may get referrals from other people but at some point when those referrals don’t come in what’s the next tactic for getting clients? 

Solution for Pinterest Managers: If you don’t want to blog or don’t know how to create; guides, ebooks and other types of freebies then the Pinterest Manager’s Business Building Club is the perfect solution for you because we provide all that content for you so you don’t have to create it. 

Pinterest manager mistakes #5: Your graphic design skills are lacking

Do you hate creating pins for your clients? If you hate it, you’ll suck at it and it will absolutely show up in your work. So many Pinterest managers simply don’t have the expertise or the talent to create images specifically designed for Pinterest. 

Solution for Pinterest Managers: If you can’t produce quality content for your clients you need to outsource it; period. Another option is take a graphics course.

Pinterest manager mistake #6: Not investing in your business

I am shocked at how many of the Pinterest managers I have spoken to are not investing any money into advertising and marketing. We’re no different from our clients. Every business needs to do marketing to attract customers, increase sales and compete better. But a lot of Pinterest managers struggle to know how much money they should be spending.

Solution for Pinterest Managers: your marketing budget should be a percentage of your revenue. A common rule of thumb for B2B companies is to spend between 2% and 5% of their revenue on marketing.

Pinterest manager mistake #7: You’re in it for just the money

When speaking with Pinterest managers I know when they genuinely want to help people or if they’re just in it for the buck.

Pinterest managers are in the service business. If “helpfulness” is not your driving force then I’m afraid you’re missing out on what Pinterest is all about. 

First, money is very important but it’s NOT the most important. Money is important so you can feed your family and keep your business afloat. But if the reason why you are doing what you are doing is only about money then that’s all you’ll focus on. And your customer’s performance will suffer as a result.

Solution for Pinterest Managers: Do a great job and the money will follow. Build a case study to show proof that you can actually drive traffic to your client’s site and the money will come. 

As a Pinterest manager we have an obligation to deliver the very best for our clients. We are dealing with people’s money and their business. Our work ethic must be impeccable. This is the minimum standard you should hold yourself to. It’s called work ethic. Wouldn’t you want to be treated this way yourself? If you do a “so-so job” that will reflect on your brand, you personally and the kind of clients you will attract in the future. If you do an average job it will be impossible to find that dream client you’ve always wanted. 

Bottom line; avoid making these 7 deadly mistakes to prevent yourself from wasting time and money.

If you’re struggling with your Pinterest management business reach out to me at for a 15-minute eye-opening, possibly life changing session. I kid you not. I can give you tons of recommendations in 15 minutes!

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